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The CAM Foundation (CAM) has conducted three years of extensive research on capacity building. CAM understands that nonprofits and small businesses, in order to become effective, sustainable organizations, need a capacity building solution. CAM has put together, through the help of Channel Partners, a one-source solution regardless of geographic boundaries, program age, or organizational structure.

CAM provides training, guidance, and mentoring to organizations, helping them develop quality standards and to become part of a network of organizations sharing information and best practices. CAM provides the following Management Assistance Program (MAP) and/or capacity building model:

  1. Knowledge Management (KM) Platform powered by Tacilent
    CAM has a robust assessment on a KM platform, which provides opportunities such as the ability to share organizational information, lessons learned and confidential gap analysis. The KM platform allows for on-going self-assessment and measured outcomes;

  2. Professional Mentors of Business Practicality
    The CAM Mentors help provide business know how and training that is timely and competence based in an area that your organization needs assistance;

  3. Readiness for Change Assessment
    CAM's readiness assessment helps to identify if organizations and the leaders are ready and committed to enhancing behaviors and policies that can move the organization to another level of performance excellence;

  4. Organizational Self-Assessments
    CAM offers seven organizational self-assessments, in order to identify gaps in organizational processes that can keep an organization from achieving its mission and set strategy. CAM's organizational self-assessments inquire of nonprofits to respond to questions pertaining to the following seven areas: administration, finances, governance, outreach, organizational development, programs and services, and technology;

  5. Organizational Action Steps Self-Assessments
    CAM assesses nonprofits using action steps self-assessments by inquiring about the frequency (how often), criticalness (how important), and difficulty of the processes in CAM's organizational self-assessments. Responses from the action steps, self-assessments can provide critical feedback concerning best practices or quality standards in order to profile successful nonprofit organizations;

  6. Learning Management System (LMS)
    Current research points to the effective use of technology as the critical tool for universally strengthening nonprofits across all sectors and geographic regions. CAM's technology platform provides a virtual "meeting place." The journey to effectiveness starts here. CAMís award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) is accredited by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI);

  7. CAMís Training Division
    CAM's training staff is made up of dedicated professionals who not only have e-Learning expertise, but have been drawn from highly successful nonprofit organizations. CAM's associates include top professionals in the disciplines of project management, instructional design, e-Learning, organizational leadership, graphic design, and knowledge management platform management. They share a passion to provide the highest quality training possible, but also share a heartfelt desire to help nonprofits gain needed resources and funding as a result of CAM's training;

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